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Duo Ongezoet
Duo Ongezoet – Hartendiefjes

Duo Ongezoet is a collaboration with Mirthe Langelaan. We have been each other’s studio mates for a long time. We have worked together a lot in and on behalf of the DOAS artspace. We have a very warm, energetic and good click and although our work is totally different we find each other in joint exhibitions and in this joint art project. Mirthe is my Sister in crime when it comes to completely out of the box, nice and crazy, serious conversations, laughter, but meanwhile insanely fanatically at work. At Ongezoet we both found a kind of artistic playground that would make many people’s mouths water. Tables full of all sorts of sweets that were used as building materials. When we were working on the project, the air was swamped with sweetness. We didn’t eat any sweets ourselves, but there was always a suspiciously large number of visitors. Our project resulted in a series of candy skulls, two rice bodies (All Rice), a bust and a photo series + photo assembly. This project has been shown at the Stedelijk Museum, Zwolle (Lust in 4 Courses), T’Kop, Breda (I love Candy) and TNO, Soest. In 2014 we reprised the project with Duo Ongezoet, it resulted in Anatomia (Corpus Suaves).

 DUO Ongezoet in Eye Love Candy, Breda

Expositie Eye Love Candy 2007 in t’ Kop Breda

Stedelijk museum Zwolle & Duo Ongezoet

Van Duo Ongezoet 2006/7 naar Anatomia Corpus Suave 2014/16