logo – signs

Branding – logos – signs, both under own management as well as commissioned. My graphic background forms the backbone of my autonomous work, yet I still create many graphic expressions. For many (own) projects and initiatives, I create the corporate identity and do the design, but I also accept assignments.

Style: sharp and clean. Sources of inspiration are LP covers (70s, 80s) propaganda and political murals from Latin America, but sometimes also businesslike nihilistic and minimalistic design. The creative process of how I come to a graphic image is almost the same as developing a concept for a work of art, only the medium and purpose is different. On this page you’ll find the following designs for among others: Transformed Trash, Club Zienema, Escape route X, Takemebag, Wasted City, My Rootz Your Image, Artwearness, White Coast Classics, Mondriaan 150