The birth of Anatomia (Corpus Suaves)


It took us a while but here she is, Anatomia (Corpus Suaves). She’s a product of Mirthe Langelaan and myself a.k.a. Duo Ongezoet (Duo Unsweetened). She’s build up from liquorish strings in the colours red, orange, yellow and purple. She impersonates a sweet anatomic lesson with here and there some poetical freedom regarding the muscle construction. Duo Ongezoet is founded in 2006 until 2007 and had a revival during The State of the Arts exhibition in the metropolic museum, Zwolle. Visitors could see us at work in the central entrance hall. We thought it would last us two months but it took us two year. Now here she is and here sweetness is all over and only skindeep! (photo processing panorama by Mirthe Langelaan)

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