Waterkwartier- Zurphen- In opdracht van HTL talen, Woonbedrijf Ieder 1 en 19 het Atelier Architecten.

Commissioned by HTL (Talen-Hegeman) and 19 het Atelier architects.   Location: Waterkwartier, Zutphen

I drew inspiration for the facade ornaments from the history of the Water Quarter. I chose two guiding themes; The 1950s and the role of water in this district through the ages.


The legends of Zutphen up to 1572 served as a model and on them I have the global location of the Water Quarter. The proportions in the maps fluctuated quite a bit over the centuries so it is not an exact science. But I mainly looked at nice cutouts of the canal pattern. So the emphasis is mostly on the pronounced water lines around Zutphen.

Close up van het resultant
Close up van het resultaat

A city detail to the right of the IJssel River was taken as a starting point because this also exposes the most pronounced structures. Although the ornament I designed has a figurative base, this renders it quite abstract.

Pinch of 1950s; Art and facade bricks from the 1950s were characterized by stylized figuration, angular robust lines and a kind of No nonsense look.

The final image results in 42 with “abstract city details,” perforated metal facade plates on the facades of renovated houses in the Waterkwartier, Zutphen.