Interview in the collectors art book

publicatie ALTIBA9- Interviews
publicatie ALTIBA9- Interviews

I’ve got a publication in the collectors’ art book Interviews (with artist) van Al-Tiba9- contemporary art. This spread refers at an in dept interview earlier in 2021. This is the link to that interview:

Ik heb een publicatie in het collectors’ art book Interviews (with artist) van Al-Tiba9- contemporary art. Deze spread verwijst naar een eerder diepte interview in 2021. Dit is de link naar dat interview:

Interview @ StartDesignArt

interview Startdesignart- Theory Of Khaos 2018
Interview @ Startdesignart – Theory Of Khoas- 2018

(NL) Er is een kort interview gepubliceerd op StartDesignArt, (startpage for professional art and design). In dit interview probeer ik wat inzicht te geven in mijn denk en werkwijze.

Hieronder een beknopte weergave, het hele interview is te lezen op StartDesignArt.

(ENG) StartDesignArt (startpage for professional art and design) published a short interview with me . In this interview I try to give some insights in the way I think and work.

Below a brief summary, the whole interview can be read at StartDesignArt.

As an artist I am driven and stimulated by the zeitgeist, current events, daily absurdity and human shortcomings. In other words, the condition humaine. Engagement is not so much a choice but a visual outcome of what naturally goes on in my head. I look for the common ground and wrap it in a somewhat aesthetic image. I find aesthetics an important part of my work because it is the connection for the underlying idea. The term elusive is used when people want to characterize me. That elusive is not my chosen definition. For me everything falls together in a logical way and there is a clear underlying motive. ……. read more click me

I like to set something in motion, no matter how small. That may be my motivation and the bigger concept. Painting is kind of a spiritual necessity for me. It calms you down but it is also a fight, a fight with matter, patience and with myself. With painting, more than with anything else, the action is never self-evident, you can never fall back on previous successes, the solution for a good result is neither self-evident. ……… more click me

“Be a master and a designer of yourself”, says Friedrich Nietzsche. This is about empowerment, about the ability to improve yourself, to be allowed to develop and grow despite (at least that’s how I read it) descent, nature and nurture. By shaping yourself you also make a start on shaping finer and better circumstances and who knows, maybe a slightly better world. ……………… more click me

Basically I have this certain urgency to create. This urgency can also be ‘disappearing for a while’, but more often it is a compelling thought that imposes itself on me. This can be an idea, a word, an image, a sentence, a statement. By nature I have a restless soul and a head like a crowded house. Producing out of something that goes on in my head is tantamount for opening a valve to let some pressure out and create new space. So for me personally, a creative process is also very healthy for my mind. It keeps things in balance. …….read more click me

Conversely, it would be vain to state that I might be able or willing to influence others. I hope perhaps to inspire others. If we zoom out for a moment, you can currently see that engaged art is regaining a place within visual art. That is a great development. …….read more click me

Interview Al-Tiba9

Interview Al-Tiba 9- March 2021

I am selected for an interview with online art platform and magazine Al-Tiba9. To read the entire interview check link:

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art is an international exhibition of contemporary art, featuring art in the field of Photography, Installation, Sculpture, Video art, Virtual Art, Performance, and Fashion design.

For a short impression see below:

10 Questions with Marit Otto

Marit Otto is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her artworks have a strong sense of aesthetics and a firm arrangement of color and composition. Her creating process is comparable with the process of a graphic designer. The concept, the idea is leading.

Otto’s art is often a personal reflection of social issues and current affairs. Her art is highly aesthetical, but it also contains distressing elements that evoke a feeling of uneasiness. This contradiction is a recurring theme in her artwork. Do you really see what is shown? What lies underneath?

To the artist, innovation is not a purpose in itself but the result of progressive insight and the need to stretch and push her own boundaries. Her two latest series, Metropolitans and Brave New World, are her response and reflections of all that occurs in modern society. It shifts from irony to dystopia.

She is also working on a series of digital artworks that listens to the name Heroes and a larger multi-disciplinary art installation called Remains Of Today. This contains small environmental artworks of found objects and materials, short philosophical stories to accommodate it, music composed by a musical composer called Ali Reza Tahoeni, and the artist making a video clip to finalize it.

Marit Working- Videostill from Hands by Morgendust. Made by Raymond van Olphen


You are a multidisciplinary artist; thus, you work with a vast range of different techniques. How and why did you start experimenting with different techniques? 

Me experimenting with various methods and techniques have something to do with the lack of artistic dogmas. My background is as a graphic designer, and I brutally entered the art world ‘without asking’ when I was 25. I had no academic approval, so to speak. At first, this was a disadvantage when it came to opportunities and credibility. On the other hand, it was an advantage; I had no set boundaries and, more importantly, no pretense. I just wanted to make myself happy before even wondering about me getting accepted in the art world. This gives tremendous freedom to experience and create. My first and biggest artistic love was painting. I felt a deep need to paint. Nothing tops what kind of magic a simple brush can do. Mentally stepping into this other world, feeling lifted and in touch with some kind of hidden universe…….

Read entire interview @

Who is Al- Tiba9

Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art is an international exhibition of contemporary art, featuring art in the field of Photography, Installation, Sculpture, Video art, Virtual Art, Performance, and Fashion design. Its annual exhibitions held at MAMA National Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Algiers, majestic five-story building, is one of the jewels of neo-Moorish architecture and popular venue for contemporary art in Algeria. Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art aims to seize, in a particular way, the social reality that consists of creating an interface between the West and the Arab world.

Al-Tiba9 exhibits many well-known, established artists from different backgrounds. It introduces emergent artists to the international scene with a primary focus on contemporary art reflecting modern society and its environment, encouraging innovation and diversity of mediums, which engage potentially the today’s art scene. For this reason, Mohamed Benhadj, founder and curator, has established annual international exhibitions since the Al-Tiba9 foundation in 2013. This has grown a network of collaborations with museums in Algeria and Spain, Art professionals, and international artists.

Al-Tiba9 (الطباق) focuses on light as a manifestation of energy, to achieve multiple levels of reality. This transgressive contemporary show emerges between lights and shadows, human and artificial from here and there, reaching for profound hope but staying rooted in reality.

— Mohamed Benhadj, Founder & Curator