Dedicated Follower @ Video Art Miden, Kalamata, Greece

Art Video Dedicated Follower has been selected for the VIDEO ART MIDEN (Zero Minus Zero) film festival, Kalamata, Greece.

Video Art Miden - Dedicated Follower
Video Art Miden – Dedicated Follower

Dedicated Follower(2022) was chosen along with 130 other videos from 1400 entries to be screened at a 4-day Video art screening event in Kalamata. VIDEO ART MIDEN is a 4-day festival of contemporary video art activating a different part of the city each day. The festival can be visited from July 6 to 9, 2023.

About Dedicated Follower.

In the video Dedicated Follower 2022, I dissect the contemporary social phenomenon of following in a collage style. It is put on the butchers block proverbially, dissected, stripped of its general social acceptances and critically analyzed. Irony and brutal reality, fiction and non-fiction alternate. Image and sound tell a contradictory story.In this work of art I want to make visible not the differences but the overlap between different types of worshippers and worshipped people and at the same time make a stand for individual thinking, being independent and the autonomously minded human being.

About Festival Miden (Zero Minus Zero)

Video Art Miden - Kalamata- Greece
Video Art Miden – Kalamata- Greece

Audiovisual and artistic experimentation, rhythm, imagination, color, poetry, video dance, performance, animation, artificial intelligence, personal narratives, contemporary socio-political-existential reflections and images from the future come together in a rich international program, tracing the trends of our time on a global level, through the work of both established and emerging young artists.

Miden’s curatorial team presents more than 130 works from 30 countries around the world in Kalamata, divided into thematic sections and homages. The event includes public evening screenings in various open spaces each evening (Aristomenous pedestrian street, seaside screenings at the marina and eastern beach), as well as morning events at the Archaeological Museum of Messinia, which include presentations and lectures by invited artists and curators, audiovisual presentations and tributes. The events are held in cooperation with the New Film Club of Kalamata – Film House and the organization K.A.NE. (Social Development of Youth), with the support of the Municipality of Kalamata and the municipal cultural organization FARIS, as well as private partners. Morning events are held in cooperation with the Eforate of Antiquities of Messinia and the Archaeological Museum of Messinia.

Section 02 – The Thinker _ open air screening

Video Art Miden- Section-The-THINKER-
Video Art Miden- Section-The-THINKER-

Along with 11 other videos, my video Dedicated Follower is part of section 02 “The Thinker” with works that express doubt or depict the Sisyphean dimension of life and give us food for thought. The total lasts 51 minutes and will be shown outdoors Saturday, July 8, at 9 p.m.

Curators Olga and Gioula Papadopoulos – location: Vista Marina – Saturday 8/7 9:30 p.m. open air screenings.

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