DOAS In Full Bloom

I made this exhibition In collaboration with Mirthe Langelaan, the SWZ, the HCO and many DOASians.

The title of the exhibition DOAS In Full Bloom refers to the street name Mimosatstraat where DOAS was located and the creative flowering that took place there for 13 years.

This exhibition marked the end of an era and a new beginning.

DOAS in Volle Bloei - De Bizarre Mars
DOAS in Volle Bloei – De Bizarre Mars

The (almost) complete history of the former School of Industry was told and displayed in this exhibition, from the unusual architecture, New Objectivity 1932, to the vacancy and squatting period (1996) in which the first and only true arts and crafts incubator Zwolle has ever known was created, DOAS.

In its glory days, DOAS housed more than 50 artists, luck seekers and birds of paradise. I was one of them. Together, we refurbished and managed the building for 13 years. Together, we prevented it from being knocked down.

After years of political lobbying and close consultation with housing corporation SWZ, a compromise situation emerged; half the building became residential and the other half remained studios. That was in 2010, a mix between living and working.

The opening of this exhibition was overwhelmingly busy.

DOAS in Volle Bloei - In het HCO. De Opening. Foto Betty Zieltjens
DOAS in Volle Bloei – In het HCO. De Opening -Foto Betty Zieltjens

The Historical Centre Overijssel has since merged with Zwolle’s former Municipal Museum under the name Anno. The photos you see below were taken in the former HCO building.

You can read more about this period here: