Escape Route X

Escape Route X - the game
Escape Route X-the game

My game Escape Route X can take another step in its development. I received a grant to test it this fall with welfare students from Deltion College.

Meanwhile, the ‘real’ foldable game boards have been delivered and game IDs have been made for the game characters …….it is getting more and more attractive and complete.

Thanks to Jolan Van de Waeter, Patrick Pelman and Stan Vergeer, who have played the game (which I have already carried with me for years) with me, tested it, suggested additional improvements and put me on this track.

After this test, I hope to take the game, in which you as the player walk in the shoes of a refugee, further into schools and who knows other locations where there is a need to broaden a horizon and nuance a view of refugee issues. Let me know if you are an organization, or school curious about this game, and I’ll put you on a list.

More info on Escape Route X can be found here: