Flat Earth 01, 02 & 03.

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I hereby present the triptych: Flat Earth 01 – Man on the moon 02 Antipodes and 03 Chaos, 2023.

Digital artprint on Dibond

3 x 100 x100 cm.

The old Greek philosophers already said that the earth was round, they had no solid arguments or proof. They did not travel space, nor the world itself to know, they basically surfed on their own skilled brain waves and floated on logic.

By the time Columbus wanted to discover the world, the globe was ironed flat again by the Catholic Church.  It did not prevent Columbus from crossing the big bleu. His crew was anxious of the tipping point that awaited them.

In the 21h century, the age of google. Not surfing brainwaves,  but the net.  Knowledge  is all over the place. We travel the world, the web, deep seas, space and soon time but the shape of the earth is still disputed by some….

Interested? check: https://www.singulart.com/nl/kunstwerken/marit-otto-flat-earth-03-chaos-1891255