Hello Space

Hello Space
Hello Space click here for video

Hello Space was a concept proposal for an object in public space. I competed with this concept in a competition ‘ The happiness of Lingenwaard’ 2011 where I finished in the last 8 and later again for a competition for Waalfront, Nijmegen 2014.

My concept Hello Space is intended as an optimistic greeting from earth. It has a universal and intergalactic feel with a thick wink. The image, the text, refers to the future, a future in which we push our boundaries further and further. In that future, the earth no longer has borders and we will be looking at ways to break down borders in space. Will there be some form of tourist space travel in the future? Will there be exchange between us and other space dwellers?

Should there be other space inhabitants, will the contact be smooth and harmonious or will there be power measurement and exploitation after all? Perhaps it will turn out that we are all alone after all with our billions of earth inhabitants.

My concept refers to both cosmic space and the (green) space immediately around us and accentuates how important space and the experience of space really is.