Memory lane

Wheel Of Misfortune -rotating-figure-on-red-white-wheel
Rotating figure on red-white wheel.


On this page you will find an overview of series spanning 1997 to 2007. 

High & Low ’05 > 08′   Human figures that are either  falling or flying. The images I evoke  have been reduced to a kind of essence. The uncontrolled choreography of a will-less body is beautifully reflected in the canvas called Apocalypse.

Strange Perspectives and Mixamorphosis 2002 > 2004. Strange perspectives is mainly about a viewpoint or perspective that literally and figuratively changes when viewed from a different angle and Mixamorphosis is mainly about the relationship between man and beast, the beast in man and man in beast.

1999/2000 Milestones a series of portraits of 20th century icons like; Einstein, Gandhi, Freud, Kennedy, Picasso…. All of them great minds with profound insights that helped change the course of things. I have spent a year studying my subjects. This series is also encapsulated in the booklet by the same name.

1998/1999 Water Works. Man versus water and all of the possible correlations between them.

2001 Private I is a series of self-portraits, a glimpse into the depths or/and shallows of the, my soul

2000 United States Of Mind is a visual travel memoir of U.S.A. trip. This journey started in New York and was continued via Memphis, New Orleans to Texas, Dallas/San Antonio.

This journey has been recorded from day to day in a travel log; No Room Service 1999

1997- 1998- Be, a series of portraits of people I had personal connections with.