Mijn Rootz, Jouw Beeld. (Eng)

Mijn Rootz, Jouw Beeld (My Rootz, Your Picture), an artistic dive into cultural diversity. An image of someone else is easily made, yet it is not the case for the pupils who participated in this project. They represent the generation that needs to find ways to deal with the challenges of multicultural diversity in our society. My Rootz, Your Image is a penetrating experience in the field of personal image building.

A positive experience for the future.

Reservations : http://cultuureducatie.stadkamer.nl/detail/vo/mijn-rootz-jouw-beeld.

Together with Betty Zieltjens I developed the project and carried it out in close cooperation with COS Overijssel at two locations, ROC Deltion Zwolle and ROC van Twente. The beauty of this project is that all disciplines can be involved. From design to care, from drama to photography, from chef training to set construction and sound technicians, every discipline can make a contribution. Our project has been nominated for the Pluriform Prize in 2011.

Mijn Rootz Jouw Beeld

This video is a final presentation of the project, made by the students of ROC Twente. The Rap-song you hear was made by students for the project, under supervision of Glenn De Randamie (Typhoon) and Ali Reza Tahoeni (A.R.T.). Upgraders was a parallel programme of the C.O.S. (also a partner in the Rootz project).

Presentation of ROC Deltion. The rap you hear, ‘Chickens, Horses, Cows’, was made by Glenn de Randamie and Ali Reza Tahoeni together with the students as one of the workshops that were given. Other teachers who gave the workshop were:  Hirhi Goulid (Mime) , Tali Farchi (presenting), Betty Zieltjens (photography) and me (painting). The storytellers Dian Paramita (Indonesia), Cengiz Iskili (Turkey), Henri Luzolo (Congo) and Anas Arieari (Afganistan) played a major role in the project, with their stories they laid the foundation for the artworks and expressions of the students and took them into a world that was unknown to many of the students.

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De vertellers; Shanaz, Henri, Dian en Cengiz
De vertellers; Shanaz, Henri, Dian en Cengiz