Oog om Oog 2008

(English) An Eye for an Eye

Commissioned by: BFO – Niek van Der Sprong productions. Location – County House Zwolle.  Period: 2008

Oog om Oog was a multi-medial and interdisciplinary art project that we (Marit Otto, Mark van Enk, Gina Draaisma, Betty Zieltjens, Huib Steen and Marco Stoelwinder) commissioned by BFO during the 5 May festival 2008. 100 citizens of Zwolle, different in culture, race, colour, age, origin, profession and belief lent us their faces (we photographed 100 portraits before and during the festival). The portraits showed Zwolle’s diversity, and the 13 laptops and beamers at work in the provincial government building projected the faces with traveling eyes. The eyes rolled from face to face and literally made all faces look at the world through different eyes.

Oog Om Oog

Zwolle, 1 maart 2008

“OOG OM OOG”, oogverblindend kunstproject tijdens B

OOG OM OOG”, dazzling art project during the Liberation Festival

Five artists from Zwolle, Marit Otto, Mark van Enk, Betty van Velzen, Gina Draaisma and Marco Stoelwinder will realise a multi-media art project during the Liberation Festival Overijssel.

These artists have translated the national 5 May theme ‘Freedom and Solidarity’ into a large and universal image. The project bears the, not too peaceful, name ‘OOG OM OOG’.

By literally sharing someone else’s eyes and point of view, this cry becomes one of fraternity and solidarity.

From 8.30 p.m. onwards, visitors will stand face to face with the alienating three-m. high portraits in the windows of the connecting bridge of the Provinciehuis.

During the day, anyone who wants to can have themselves immortalized for this project by the art crew’s mobile photo-crew.

behind the scenes
behind the scenes