Philosophical Cafe / Filosofisch Cafe

Te gast bij Filosofisch Cafe Zwolle

“Art is the conscious creation of something beautiful or meaningful using skill and imagination, but can we turn that around? Can art also be the shaping of the question marks we face daily?”

(H. Alfonso – from the publication [RE]CLAMED ARTSPACE 2022)

Thursday, April 13, at 8 p.m., our project [RE]CLAMED ARTSPACE was the keynote of the Philosophical Cafe Zwolle.

The Philosophical Cafe tuned into the theme of the month of philosophy with this lecture.

This was stated in their announcement;

‘How the undefended and the valuable can resist the hard numbers of merit, prestige and success’.

Online, it seems, there is almost no second instance, no deeper layer. Images must be instantly understood and trigger action. Visual art is sometimes at odds with this with images that actually require a lot of attention to be understood or appreciated.

Is the like factory, a hostile environment for more complex imagery?’

This question and more contemporary relevant questions artfully posed by the project [RE]CLAMED ARTSPACE were philosophically peeled off during a lecture in the Philosophical Café Zwolle.

Here we; Marit Otto, Corine Aalvanger and Herbert Alfonso were put under the microscope with our project.

as a guest at the Philosophical Cafe Zwolle