Puzzled was my entry for the 2013 Rockpanel Award. The request was for a new look for Rockpanel’s volcanic cladding. My design Puzzled, is based on a stone texture, created with a palette knife and tile adhesive, and has overlapping areas of color. This creates an overall look where everything seems to be connected, like a puzzle. The apple and leafy green add a fresh look.

Puzzled wins second prize: European Rock Panel Design Award,

The professional jury judged as follows:

2nd place “Puzzled” by Marit Angenita Otto
Although an important detail in the design entitled “Puzzled” cannot be created in the production process, the judges came to the conclusion that this was an extraordinary work. The stone structure was created artificially by the use of other materials and the way in which they were processed. In combination with color, this design opens up a great many possibilities. The precise development of the design demonstrates in all its simplicity that “Puzzled” is a complex design which merits second place.