Representation Al-Tiba9 on Artsy, a new collaboration

My work is available at Al-Tiba9 Gallery through Artsy. It will include15 artworks covering a period from 2014 to the present. 11 Artworks are already on there 4 artworks are yet to come.

A few years ago, founder Mohamed Benhadj first approached me for an interview on his platform. This interview kicked off what has the potential to become a longer-term collaboration and can be found here:

Mijn werk op Artsy via Al-Tiba9
Mijn werk op Artsy via Al-Tiba9

Al-Tiba9 is an exciting new gallery and international platform in the contemporary art world.

The physical gallery is based in Barcelona. I wish to exhibit my work there too in the near future.

Check out my Artsy page here: