Opening Rituelen met Muziek van Marie Hoogendam en Riemer Den Ouden. Foto Erna van Westeinde

As a member of the National Artists Association de Ploegh, I initiated and organised an exhibition entitled (New) Rituals in collaboration with colleague and fellow member, Frits Nolte,

The beautiful museum location Rietveld Pavilion Amersfoort -033fotostad was at our disposal.

Architect Gerrit Rietveld designed the building in 1959 as an exhibition space and for more than 50 years, as the Zonnehof, it was the centre for modern art in Amersfoort. The Rietveld Pavilion is now temporarily open to the public and managed by 033fotostad. Because of its architecture, it gives us an opportunity to create an exhibition with a completely different character from the gallery, with larger works, for example
Rituelen - Michiel Deylius
Rituelen – Michiel Deylius

I chose the theme Rituals because a lot of rituals have been shaken up in the 20th and 21st centuries. As our rituals tell a lot about us, our fears, desires, social connections and also the desire for new rituals, I found this particular theme interesting.

We invited artists to create an image – show work – in which rituals contemporary, fictional or disappearing, are central.

A total of 33 Ploegh Artists participated: https://www.deploegh.nl/rituelen/
It produced a surprisingly versatile exhibition that was well attended.

Rituelen - Lezing
Rituelen – Lezing

Lecture: There were also two lectures attached, one by artist Ida van der Lee and university lecturer Joanna Wojtkowiak.