Hereby I present to you my latest artwork, painting; SAPIENS.
Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm – 2023

Sapiens 2023- Acryl op canvas 80 x 100 cm- Uit de serie Brave New World
Sapiens 2023-Uit de serie Brave New World

If the Sapiens were a person, what would he witness when he stands in front of the mirror, then what, when he looks back and what does the Sapiens see, when he looks into the future.

 This is a snapshot of Erik, my friend, after sanding white primed and finished woodwork, taking a breather in an early spring sun with dust particles from the white paint and putty nicely scattered across his face, hair and eyelashes.

 I suddenly pictured almost all of humanity captured in this look, it radiates something elemental and primal, is tenacious but vulnerable, unbreakable but the façade of invincibility is gone. It would be significant, if this face actually encapsulated humanity as a whole.

 It includes only one human being, a loving and humane person, my Sapiens.