Stage design Omdenkers

Omdenkers - the play
Omdenkers – the play

Set design and realization. In the year 2012 the production of the Omdenkers started and halfway through 2013 in the finalization phase of the scenario I was asked to design and create a set for a second time.

There was now a bit more budget than with the first production ‘Lazarus’ so a design on a larger scale was requested. Working closely with the production team, I did the overall design from the play cloth to the play elements.

Omdenkers- Stage and actors
Omdenkers- Stage and actors
In 2015, the performance De Omdenkers came to fruition. De Omdenkers, not to be confused with De Omdenkers, is a musical performance with humor. 

It is about ghost citizens, illegal Dutchmen without rights. Hit by too much bad luck, the lives of these ghost citizens have come to a dead end. They live illegally on a campsite, cannot register with a municipality and have no rights. Officially, they do not exist. That can't last. They need to tell their story. But with whom? To the alderman? The pastor? On the radio or TV? One of them has a bold plan. She enters the only stage open to them: the stage. The others gladly join her.