In cooperation with: the Salvation Army, W&G Overijssel and Annemarie van der Veen. Concept:In own management. Working area: Experimenterium > art> labour> diversity> social> sustainability. Location: Salvation Army Zwolle

The Salvation Army W&G Overijssel has recently started working with visual artist Marit Otto. A few years ago, Marit founded the ‘Takemebag’ project together with Anne Marie van der Veen (Artistic Textiles). This project has since been evaluated by Marit and Annemiek de Wolf (Leger Des Heils) to become experimenter Takemebag 2.0.

Free work space offered artist found: Chantall Heerink. Chantall will start working from ±end of March – April 2018 in 50|50 Workcenter on the Marsweg in Zwolle. Her quid pro quo is that regularly beautiful designs of utensils from used textiles are made with accompanying work instructions, so that participants can make them. In addition, there is of course every opportunity for the artist to work autonomously.

What is 50|50? 50|50 is an initiative of the Salvation Army to let people with a significant distance from the job market ‘participate’ again. Working on the rehabilitation of regular life, with a focus on a long-term outflow into work and society. The Salvation Army believes that everyone deserves a part in society. That is why the 50/50 Workcenter wants to offer participants on the outskirts of the community a wide range of activities to help them discover their talents. Participants regain perspective and gain work experience.

Input and request for help ROVA – ROVA is a waste processing company and works largely on behalf of various municipalities in Overijssel. In the years to come, ROVA’s policy will focus on reusing textile waste, especially cotton, because cotton causes many environmental problems. At the ROVA location there is a collection container for textiles from the Salvation Army. The textiles that people throw away in this container are ‘upcycled’ through the Takemebag 2.0 project: they are made into beautiful utensils.

The project in practice: from design to production –The 50|50 Workcenter on the Marsweg in Zwolle offers an artist a workshop in the production hall free of charge. In return, the artist designs a new product every month from textile waste and gives working instructions to participants to make it. These include products such as bags, aprons, textile toys, laptop sleeves, etc. The Salvation Army work supervisor supports the participants in making the new designs.

The sale of these products takes place via websites and via shops, for example the shop of the 50|50 Workcenter on the Dijkstraat in Zwolle.

Value creation – The value created by this project is multiple. The participants of the Salvation Army have the opportunity to develop a perspective and to be useful to society. In addition, there is the environmental benefit of reusing cotton. For the artist, this project offers a free workspace and is at the same time an outlet for new designs. For the Salvation Army, the cooperation with an artist means new possibilities for guiding participants towards a return to ‘normal’ life. Because exploring each other’s living, working and thinking worlds is generally enriching, this project offers added value for all parties.

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