The making of Blou Blauw

3D OBJECTEN- Blou Blauw

Blou Blauw is a collaboration with Antillean artist Harley Davelaar 2017. The artwork, a Caribbean iguana and a Dutch Frog, hold each other’s backs in balance. They are a metaphor for us, the Dutch and Antillean sapiens but actually for all sapiens. The same DNA, once the same origin but shaped by migration, habitat and conditions and climate. In our image they, the iguana and the frog are intertwined, exploring each other and showing each other’s qualities. In the execution, typical Caribbean and Dutch elements recur, such as a Delft-blue print on in combo with Antillean colors and the blue feet named after the Blou Blou lizard. The blue of the Delftware, the Zwolse blue as in the blue white flag and blue fingers and the blue from the Antillean flag, the color of the Caribbean sea come together in the feet of Blou Blue. The artwork is Blou Blue is an occasional collaboration between Harley Davelaar and Marit Otto at the invitation of Nora Kastein and Hugh Neil (Margin-art & media) on the occasion of the Caribbean celebration Jamshak. During the summer of 2017 it was exhibited in the Stadkamer, Zwolle