Virgin Screens (English)

I hereby present my latest painting Virgin Screens 2023

Acrylic on canvas150cm w x 100 cm h – Part of the Brave New World series

Virgin Screens - acryl op canvas- 100 x 150 cm - 2023
Virgin Screens – acryl op canvas- 100 x 150 cm – 2023

The white canvas, the infinite space in and onto which anything can be projected, anything can happen, any concept can be born, or vanish.

As encouraging as it is terrifying. Offers as much solution as problem, as much nothing as something.

Emptiness tickles the subconscious, challenges it and provokes like no other because what is reflected in that emptiness are conceptions and figments of the brain, those figments, that is you. That is what you are all about.

Emptiness is different from vacuum. A vacuum is the kind of void caused by the deprivation of oxygen. Attention is oxygen for imagination. Withdrawal of attention is the vacuum of imagination, a deserted field on which less and less grows.

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