R.O.T. Yellow, Black and Red on display in exhibition Sustainable

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Starting Thursday, Dec. 14, the exhibition Sustainable (Sustainability in Art) can be seen at Galerie de Ploeg, Amersfoort.

R.O.T. Yellow, Black and Red 2023. Remains Of Today selections - 27 x
R.O.T. Yellow, Black and Red 2023

R.O.T. Yellow, Black and Red have evolved from my project + installation of Remains Of Today. This project/installation was completed last month (November 2023). It involves a total of 300 small (30 x 30cm) circular artworks of found and reused materials and texts. Remains Of Today has exhibited in various places as a large – growing – installation. As I was adding the finishing touches to it, I felt the need to take a whole new approach to it after all, a kind of Best Of. This best of resulted in several 9 panels looking for overlap in color and the best possible collage of the previously made collage compositions. The first 3 Yellow, Black and Red, will be exhibited during Sustainable 02, at gallery de Ploegh.

The other participating artists are: Hannah Blom, Boudewijn Korsmit, Adriana Nigting, Sari Piek, Mark van Praagh, Catherine Schoenmaker, Cecile Spronsen, Harry Tomese, Jose van Waarde, Carla Zeegers and Marjan Jaspers.

Sustainable art has no set rules, but is rather an evolving and
adaptable way of thinking about the meaning of art making. It uses recycled and reused materials, gathered or reclaimed materials, sustainable materials and processes, and working from a mission of sustainability.

Galerie de Ploegh- Cultuurhuis near Flint, Coninckstraat 58, Amersfoort