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Dedicated Follower- video still- Thumbnail- 2022
Dedicated Follower- -video still- click this image to see video

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About this video.

I’ve made this video especially for the theme exhibition  Rituals (Rituelen), which will take place in the autumn of 2022 at the Rietveldpaviljoen, Amersfoort. It will be a centrepiece of a larger installation.

Many human customs are encapsulated with rituals. I took a close and critical look at the rituals concerning the phenomenon of “following “. As an artist I am interested in decomposing social phenomenon’s, strip it from its general social acceptance and examine it on it’s true merits.

Because of the sensitive content of the video it could easily be misread or misinterpret. This is why I wrote this supporting letter. To explain my underlying motives to you! It feels kind of vulnerable to share the video with youThe reason to publish it ahead of the exhibition is to examine the sentiments it arouses and if the message I want to send comes across the way I hope.

So here goes:

The difference between following and following– I feel more or less obliged to clarify what I mean by following within this context, because we more or less all follow and imitate, constantly, consciously, unconsciously and since the dawn of time.

I make the distinction between critical following and blind following. The following I am referring to in my video is blind and fanatic. In the blind variety the critical ability kind of disappears and dedication and fanaticism gradually increases. A fanatical follower more or less surrenders his uniqueness and literally hands over his individuality and power. What consequences this may have thereafter depends entirely on the followed, to whom this authority is granted to. Passionate following sounds fairly harmless, but is it really?

To follow, anno now, anno the past, anno the future – Following, anno now, is something that literally engages masses of people on all kinds of different levels. Because it has an enormous social, commercial and economic impact, it raises the question to what extent we are slowly losing our autonomy en masse and what possible consequences are still in store for us. How will we look back on this in the future or is the future a more extreme continuation of what we are experiencing today?

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Disclaimer (wrote on 09-02-2022) Although I wanted to take this topic of ‘following’ to the cutting edge I had not foreseen that YouTube would remove my content on the grounds of Hate Speech. This was as shocking as it was interesting because, obviously, the content was not considered in depth. They’ve been upset over some historical images that easily can be used in the actual hate speech industry. In my defence; a kitchen knife can be a murder weapon in the hands of murderer but in the hands of a cook it’s a useful and much needed tool……………

…………….I do hope to make the viewer reflect as I try to peel off the innocence of the word follow.

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Social acceptance and adaptation – So, in conclusion, we all like to follow. Following as an activity has undergone a transformation in the 21st century; it has now become a more abstract, elusive, extensive, and diffuse concept. It is currently unclear if and what consequences are tied to contemporary online following. Although I have this premonition that those consequences will be there, and that it will unfold very gradually and quietly. Nevertheless, as it has now turned into a widely accepted phenomenon, there is little to no resistance in society; it seems as natural as the sun emerging daily.

Meanwhile, a major social shift is taking place that is actually eluding our perception because, to a greater or lesser extent, we are all currently part of it. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, it seems to become an irreversible process; the system wherein it operates is too big as it is. Morals, norms, values, outlook on the world, fashion, trends, politics, geopolitics and even the perception of nature, everything is influenced and colored by this faceless system.

Having supporters or being supporter is now an important measure of popularity, especially for young people – it confirms a right to exist. In a strange way, it provides some kind of online communal sense, only this particular community is in addition to being powerful, rather superficial, infinite, and fickle and thrives on the delusion of the moment.

Following and peer group dynamics versus autonomy – There appears to be more polarization and divergence today than there was a few decades ago. We have all come to live in our own confirmation bubble and are increasingly less understanding of the other side. We feel safe and empowered within our group or bubble, we are known and recognized there. Decreasing tolerance and resentment of other groups is possibly a secondary effect here. Therefore, with this video I would like to make a stand for, autonomy and independent living and thinking.

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Bij deze presenteer ik FAME- audio video experience no.10 (for English scroll down)

FAME Audio video experience no.10   This video is part of the greater art installation of ‘Remains Of Today’.
FAME Audio video experience no.10 This video is part of the greater art installation of ‘Remains Of Today’. CLICK IMAGE FOR ENTIRE VIDEO

Deze video is onderdeel van een grotere  kunst installatie getiteld ‘Remains Of Today’.

Deze video neemt je mee naar ‘life’ in de letterlijke , fast lane, (de Zuidas, Amsterdam). Dit verkeer wat voorbij raast is vastgelegd terwijl ik op de trein stond te wachten. Dit werd het décor of de achtergrond voor de verstomde maar overduidelijk pratende Andy Warhol. Ondanks dat zijn beroemde woorden over roem nooit op bewegend beeld zijn vastgelegd bewegen zijn lippen toch suggererend dat hij deze woorden spreekt.  Daarna voer ik David Bowie ten tonele, op een catwalk, als een omhooggevallen diva die geagiteerd zijn/haar lippenstift over zijn/haar wang uitsmeert, als het perfecte rolmodel om deze Warhol statement te ondersteunen. En er is een kleine verrassing in de outro. 

Ik heb deze beelden heel postmodernistisch gestolen uit de video, Boys Keep Swinging en een interview met Andy Warhol, niettemin het droste-effect, is het (video) kunst in haar eigen recht. Dit is een van de voordelen van deze postmodernistische tijden.

Dit kan gezien worden als zowel een hommage aan beide mannen als een kritische noot over onze hedendaagse samenleving.

Remains Of Today is een serie van meer dan 100 kleine communicerende kunstwerken. Gemaakt van onder andere straatafval. Muzikant en producer Ali Reza Tahoeni a.k.a. A.R.T. heeft de soundtracks gemaakt bij de individuele kunstwerken. Om het te completeren heb ik er dan weer een videoclip bij gemaakt. Mijn stem die Fame zingt is een speciale feature in deze video.

Deze video is gebaseerd op het kunstwerk Fame (verbal 10) en het verhaal gaat als volgt:

Fame (makes a man take things over)

De subregel “Makes a man take things over” is tevens ontleent aan het refrein van het zelfde nummer. Dit is een combinatie van beelden, tekst en een parallel naar Popart- kunstenaar, en Bowie vriend, Andy Warhol.  Zijn statement ‘In the future everyone will be (world) famous for 15 minutes’, blijkt met terugwerkende kracht de spijker op zijn kop. Was Warhol een visionair?

En had hij toen enig idee van de omvang van dit concept in de echte wereld? Hebben wij dat eigenlijk?

Meer lezen over het hele project:

Sinds kort gepubliceerd- Remains Of Today, volume 01- meer hier over zie:



Hereby I present Fameaudio video experience no.10

FAME Audio video experience no.10 This video is part of the greater art installation of ‘Remains Of Today’.
FAME Audio video experience no.10 This video is part of the greater art installation of ‘Remains Of Today’. CLICK IMAGE FOR ENTIRE VIDEO

This video is part of the greater art installation of ‘Remains Of Today’.

This video takes you to life on a literal, fast lane, (de Zuidas, Amsterdam). This ‘traffic rushing by’ was captured while I was waiting on my train. This became the stage or background setting for a silenced but obviously talking Andy Warhol. Although his famous words about fame are never recorded, his lips are moving and suggesting he is preaching these words. Second, David Bowie, walking the catwalk as a ‘stuck up’ diva, agitated, wiping his lipstick all over his face, was the perfect role model to accommodate this Warhol statement. And there is a little surprise in the outro…

I stole these images in a very post-modernistic way, from the video clip Boys Keep Swinging and from an interview with Warhol, and nonetheless the droste-effect, again, it is art in its own right. This is one of the benefits of making art in postmodern times. 

This can be seen as a tribute to both men and a critical remark on contemporary society at the same time.

Remains Of Today is a series of more than 100 small communicating artworks made from (street) litter. Musician and producer Ali Reza Tahoeni a.k.a. A.R.T. made soundtracks of the individual artworks. To finalize it I made videoclips to accommodate these soundtracks. One special feature in this video is that I am the voice who cries Fame.

This video is based on the artwork Fame (verbal 10) and the story goes like this:

Fame (makes a man take things over)

Inspired by the eponymous song – Fame- by Bowie. The sub sentence: “Makes a man take things over” is a quote from a chorus line from the same song. This is a combination of images and text. And there is a parallel to pop art artist, and Bowie friend, Andy Warhol. Warhol’s statement “In the future everyone will be (world) famous for 15 minutes”, seems spot on in hindsight. Was Warhol a visionary?

Did he have any idea of the magnitude of this concept in the here and now? Do we, really?

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