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The A-sides are limited signed printed on canvas in an edition of 1/1 – 120x 80cm.

The series consists of:1- Fame (David BowieHeroes , 2- What’s Going On (Marvin Gaye), 3- The Afterlife (Prince), 4- Sugar In My Bowl, Nina Simone, 5- Off The Wall, (Michael Jackson), 6- Into The Field Of Joy (Lenny Kravitz) en 7- Rebel (Lauryn Hill) 8- 100 Ways To Be a Good Girl –Skin- Skunk Anansi en Dream Brother– Jeff Buckley

The B-sides are limited and signed printed on canvas in an sedition of 1/5 -120 x 80cm.

The B-sides consist so far of: 01 Starman (David bowie), Inter City Blues (Marvin Gaye), Around The World In One Day (Prince), Scream (Michael Jackson), Stange Fruit, Nina Simone, Raise Vibration, Lenny Kravitz , Doowopthatthing, Lauryn Hill, Post Orgasmic Skunk Anansi en Lilac Wine – Jeff Buckley